Compassiva is th first NGO to revalidate refugees certificates

Compassiva became the first NGO from Brazil to revalidate refugees certificates. Before this achievement, the expatriates had the possibility to do this on their own and, but assuming responsability for expenses, that could reach 2 Thousand reais. Now, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) is the responsible for expenses and Compassiva makes the process.

This work had the beginning from the help giving to a refugee graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Radioactivity Masters.Because the lack of revalidated diploma, he wasn’t able to exercise his profession and worked in a jeans confection. “We look for the university wich had his course and we began to check what was the process, the necessary documents and how it worked,” says Camila Suemi, the Compassiva’s lawyer responsible for revalidation. At the same time, UNHCR opened a partner notice, which provides the payment of expenses.

To revalidate a diploma a long process is required. After the transfer of UNHCR’s resources to Compassiva, the sorting is done. The prerequisite is to be a refugee, which can be proved by a certificate issued by CONARE. Then, Camila goes to college with the course to be revalidated and enter the request. Within 180 days the process should be finalized.

According to Camila Suemi this victory means an identity and dignity rescue, “is to make the refugee able to had the life he had in his origin country, he can rebuild.”

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