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Relationship between government and third sector needs to be cautious

NGOs don’t survive only by donations. Sometimes they have partnerships with the government. As it is a public resource transfer to the execution of a particular project, it’s necessary to be cautious.

According to the lawyer specialized in the third sector, Lucia Bludeni, NGOs need to “permanently keep the certificates in order, be update with minute and statute, show in the project that they are capable, have a legal and accounting advice and have their service providers and employees CLT “. The public managers need to planning the partnership achievements and make a public call, the procedure by which non-governmental organizations are selected sign the agreements. These measures, among others, were established by Law 13,019 / 14, in particular, and came to regulate the relationship between government and NGOs.

The lawyer says that these resolutions guarantee the control of public accounts, and they are “a step towards transparency.” However, the legislation does not fully meet the needs of the third sector. For her, what is missing is a “common denominator for the public manager can observe clearly the development of the NGO”.

Although not fully satisfactory, the relationship between government and these institutions is necessary, that’s why, according to Bludeni, public management structure can’t handle with all the demand for lack of equipment and staff. But not only to get where the state is not enough that the NGOs are required. For the lawyer, they are “a clear demonstration of the company participating in this democracy, finding solutions and proposing innovations.”

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