Associação Compassiva (the Compassionate Association) is a social organisation that serves children, teenagers and people in vulnerable situations in the city of São Paulo.
We are situated in São Paulo city centre – a strategic location to cater for our target audience and also provides easy access to all interested parties.
We offer a number of courses and socio-educational activities including sports, arts and culture.
Presently available are:

LAR (Taking Assistance to the Refugee)
Compassiva nas Ruas
Crianças em Ação
Compassiva Esportes
Guri Program – Santa Marcelina Cultura

Compassion that transforms
We believe that effective social action should not be limited to merely practical exchanges. It is crucial to have the type of involvement that extends beyond the surface – to build bridges, create healthy relationships and brotherly ties in order to promote an awareness and a deeper
understanding of the reality and context of those involved.
The reality that the people we serve have to face is somewhat complex and encompasses many issues. From what we have seen, there are many interlinking issues which can be found together inside this reality, from which the expression “city of the needy” comes.
And so we believe that only from this understanding can you create effective opportunities for transformation. Not only providing efficient service, but also healthy relationships, which is a great opportunity. We believe that this relationship is transformative because it intentionally seeks to rescue and strengthen the dignity, human values, hopes and dreams of those we work with.
Once these elements are well-crafted, they provide a foundation and a strength to overcome the various obstacles and challenges which had once seemed too difficult.
This is how the transformation takes place and it is not only restricted to those we work with but it extends to all the people involved.

Why the name Compassiva?
Compassion is the awareness and understanding that moves us to act in a significant way and thus provide effective transformation.
We want to be agents of compassion, so we are the COMPASSIONATE (compassiva).

Compassiva’s vision is to be a demonstration of God’s compassion for a city of the needy.

The mission of Compassiva is to create life transforming opportunities for people in vulnerable situations.

Relevant relationships
– We build civilised relationships and bridges to bring people together and join forces.
– We are constantly seeking to help and serve others in practical ways.
– To be an example and conduct ourselves with transparency and respect in all relationships.

Compassiva began in 1998, along with Projeto 242, out of social activities that were run for children on the streets, drug addicts, transvestites and families in the local community. Since the beginning, many activities and socio-educational projects involving sports, culture and arts have
been developed, along with activities that take care of basic needs, give guidance, monitor families and their cases and assist in community reintegration. The teams worked in the central region of São Paulo, focusing on the poorer communities mostly in the Glicério, Luz, República, Vale do Anhangabaú neighborhoods as well as the region of “cracolândia” and also the Sé square.
In 2005, the term ‘Compassiva’ was created, but only in 2010 did it become the official name of the initiative. Later, in 2014, the legal entity, Associação Compassiva, was registered with the aim of expanding and strengthening operations through the structuring, professionalisation and
formalisation of the work and existing partnerships, too.

• Projeto 242
• Cáritas Brasil
• ABBA – Associação Brasileira Beneficente Aslan (the Brazilian Aslan Charity Association)
• UNHCR – the UN agency for refugees
• Santa Marcelina Cultura – Guri Program

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